Mohawk Maker Quarterly 13: Disruption

For the 13th issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly we aimed to investigate the idea of disruption outside of the hollowed corporate speak we’ve come to associate with the word. Our investigation followed the idea that disruption hides in the things we think we know, and in turn have ceased to consider. So we deconstructed the issue, including a zine about the invention of the mountain bike, DIY plans to build a Lindsay Adelman light, and most dramatically a print edition with artist Merijn Hos that defies categorization. We set out to make something with the volume of a print edition, but with the one-of-a-kind experience of fine art. The result was 20K prints created with variable data printing so that every piece was one of a kind—forcing us to reevaluate the limitations of a printed object.

Studio: Hybrid Design /
Executive Creative Direction: Dora Drimalas
Creative Direction: Caleb Kozlowski
Design: Frédérique Gravier, Olivia Ward, David Weber, Brett Newman, Carl-Hampus Vallin

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