Keating Wheel Company

Founded in 1890, Keating Wheel Company was a bicycle manufacturer and engineering powerhouse that thrived before shuttering operations in the early twentieth century. Revived in 2019, the latest incarnation of Keating Wheel Co. honors the original company’s values; quality manufacturing, adventurous spirit, and love of two-wheeled machines. To bring these values to life, we created a brand identity that pays tribute to Keating’s heritage and functions successfully within the contemporary landscape. Handcrafted grit—with a bit of industrial rigidity—for a fully-modern, authentically-inspired, soul-stoking refresh.

Studio: Hybrid Design /
Executive Creative Direction: Dora Drimalas, Caleb Kozlowski
Creative Direction: Brett Newman
Design: Olivia Ward
Photography: Nick Keating, Ansel Dickey
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